Terms and Agreements

Terms and Agreements

Fast Cleaners Newham provides thorough cleaning services and these terms and conditions apply to any client who has booked with us. We reserve the right to alter, omit or add new clauses to the terms and conditions from time to time and they will be applicable to new clients thereafter. Our cleaning service may be booked by telephone, e-mail, fax, online and the clients are required to abide by these terms and conditions:

We offer regular service of residential cleaning with the starting price of £13.00 per hour excluding VAT. The rate is applicable only if the client engages the cleaner for a minimum of two hours and at least once a week.

A session of three hours fortnightly is for the price of £13.00 as well and will be provided as part of the standard rate for regular domestic cleaning service.

We shall receive commission calculated with reference to the weekly hours of service during the continuation of the agreement. The agreement, if required, can be terminated after the first month of agreement only if the first monthly commission is paid in advance. If the client is dissatisfied with the service being provided, then a written notice should be submitted one month before the termination of the existing cleaning contract.

If the client does not wish to sign a contract for the domestic cleaning in advance, then the first session is charged at £15.00 per hour with £2.00 credit to the client in respect to further cleanings. If the client signs a contract, then the cleaning session is charged at £13.00 per hour for weekly cleaning sessions.

Other Terms and Conditions:

  • It is the sole authority of the client to check the quality of cleaning work undertaken immediately after completion of the cleaning service and inform in case of adversity. If the client is dissatisfied with the service of work he/she should contact our cleaning company within 24 hours after the completion of the service. If the client is late in contacting, proper reason should be given for late notification or we will not consider the complaints made by the client
  • If the cleaning service provided is unsatisfactory, the client shall allow our cleaning company to send a cleaner back to the client’s residential or commercial area to complete the work up to client’s satisfaction and we will not normally refund any payment if it is permitted to not refund and work as per client’s satisfaction
  • Our cleaning company will normally provide the cleaning material and equipment but there may be a surcharge in case of specialised equipment. A separate quote shall be made for this
  • 50% of the quoted fee should be paid when booking. The client can cancel or reschedule a service by providing 48 hours notice; however, if we are not notified within time, the refund will be not be done against the deposit made. Our cleaning company has the right to charge fee for cancellation up to 100% of the quoted fee for the booked cleaning service
  • While booking a cleaning service, it is compulsory for the client to provide details like name, telephone, address, email address, and the payment details over the phone. As soon as the required information has been provided, the client will be sent an email confirmation one working day prior to the cleaning session. All details provided by the client will not be divulged to any third party without client’s permission
  • The client is also responsible for checking out Fast Cleaners Newham’s terms and conditions and abiding by those. Unless he/she contacts the cleaning company, it is taken for granted, that the client has abided by the Terms and Conditions of our cleaning company.

Please note that the telephonic conversation may be recorded in order to provide our clients with better service. At the same time, all our operators are asked to provide us with photographic evidence that the work has been completed as per the requirement and at client’s property.

For questions and concerns about Fast Cleaners Newham or the cleaning prices we offer, contact 020 3322 7006.

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